Installing VICE on a Raspberry Pi

Installing VICE on a Raspberry Pi

2016, Oct 30    

Upgrading your RPi to a Commodore 64 experience is the best upgrade you can get.

Getting down to business

Prior to installing VICE on your Jessie distribution of Raspbian you need to alter the sources list.

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

# Add the following lines on the end of the file

deb jessie main contrib

Execute the following commands to completely install VICE including the ROM files.

Run the source update

apt-get update

Install VICE from the newly added source

apt-get install vice

Fetch, unpack and copy ROM files

cd ~
tar -xvzf vice-1.5-roms.tar.gz
sudo cp -a vice-1.5-roms/data/* /usr/lib/vice/

Start VICE


Enjoy the sleepless nights…