HP iLO2 extremely slow over HTTPS

HP iLO2 extremely slow over HTTPS

2020, Feb 04    

When you have the v2.33 (latest and greatest) iLO2 firmware installed, you might surprised that the HTTPS requests are taking forever. This is due to the new Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

When you are not worried by security threats as you have your firewall fence high up or using a VPN to reach your systems remotely you the best thing you can do is downgrade to ILO2 firmware v2.32.

When the downgrade has done the ILO 2 Log will happily tell you that you have upgraded your system, again!

Severity      | Class | Last Update      | Initial Update   | Count | Description
Informational | iLO 2 | 08/15/2018 22:59 | 08/15/2018 22:59 |   1   | Firmware upgraded to version 2.32. 

Download the ILO2 firmware v2.32 here.