Dell Perc H700 firmare upgrade under Citrix XenServer

Dell Perc H700 firmare upgrade under Citrix XenServer

2015, May 08    

Updating the Dell Perc H700 raid controller firmware can be a hideous job. Let me explain how i got this done while having Citrix XenServer installed.


First download the SAS-RAID_Firmware_C3X7D_LN_12.10.6-0001_A12.BIN file from the Dell Support website.


Make sure that the file is available in your ~ directory. Either use wget of (win)scp to get the .bin file.

[root@R210 ~]# ls
SAS-RAID_Firmware_C3X7D_LN_12.10.6-0001_A12.BIN  support.tar.bz2

Change the access permissions of the file in order to make it executable.

[root@R210 ~]# chmod 777 SAS-RAID_Firmware_C3X7D_LN_12.10.6-0001_A12.BIN

Extract the executable .BIN file.

[root@R210 ~]# ./SAS-RAID_Firmware_C3X7D_LN_12.10.6-0001_A12.BIN --extract RAIDFW
Successfully extracted to RAIDFW

Check the content of the folder.

[root@R210 ~]# cd RAIDFW/

[root@R210 RAIDFW]# ls
00-secupd-dell.rules                en.prop  mc.txt  smbiosHelp.txt         srvadmin-storelib-sysfs-7.2.0-4.1.1.el4.x86_64.rpm  Version.txt
98-secupdusb.rules     getSystemId    package.xml  PIEInfo.txt   spconfig.xml    sputility.bin      svmExeMsg.xsl           duppmdatacollector.bin  hapi      payload      sasdupie      sphelp.txt      spUtilityHelp.txt  uni-eol.txt

Execute the firmware update using the SASDUPIE tool.

[root@R210 RAIDFW]# ./sasdupie -u -s payload/

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SVMExecution lang="en"><Device vendorID="1000" deviceID="0079" subDeviceID="1f17" subVendorID="1028" bus="1" device="0" function="0" display="PERC H700 Integrated Controller 0"><Application componentType="FRMW" version="12.10.0-0025" display="PERC H700 Integrated Controller 0 Firmware"><Package version="12.10.6-0001"/><SPStatus result="true"><Message id="0">The operation was successful. </Message></SPStatus></Application></Device><RebootRequired>1</RebootRequired></SVMExecution>

As stated The operation was successful. and the system will reboot.